Thursday, October 20, 2005

TREASONGATE: REDUX: Wilson remains silent and SCOTUS packing.

"My wife was a victim of White House sponsored espionage and the American people were the victims of White House sponsored Treason. The perpetrators should receive a life sentence or the death penalty under 18 USC 794, damn it. Oh, by the way, did you catch my comedy routine with John Stewart?" Joseph Wilson, Neo-Con golden boy.

OK. IT'S A JOKE. But it's not very funny. Why isn't Joe Wilson making statements like the first sentence above? Because they lost control of the spin. Because they are all in on this together. Because the motive -- bitchslapping Joe Wilson -- is ridiculous considering the fall out. What could have made The White House so willing to expose themselves to criminal prosecution under multiple federal statutes? Kid yourselves not, this onion is only on the first layer.

For those of you not familiar with my analysis, I wrote an article on August 19th 2005, TREASONGATE: IN CAHOOTS -- How The White House, Wilson, Novak, Corn and Plame Conspired for Treason Since that article was published, Joe Wilson (and his buddy David Corn) have been quite silent. We've heard peeps about a possible civil suit being brought by Plame/Wilson, but really...what took them so long? Why wait two years? Has the Statute of Limitations run? Give me a damn break. Your wife is a victim of State sponsored espionage and you don't invoke 18 USC 794? But you do get a book deal, picture in Vanity Fair, talk show circuit. This stinks. Wilson stinks. Corn stinks. Plame stinks. They reek of complicity.

What was the so called "greater good" that they've all risked everything on? Thiis is the true issue. Right now, the mainstream media spin still has the populace focussed on the petty bitch slap scenario which gives them the chance to make this a political issue. But the reality is slowly coming into focus.

As for the SCOTUS packing, Roberts and Miers have been handpicked to control the forthcoming Constitutional showdown on pardons. Please read my article of September 13, 2005, "TREASONGATE: A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL DISCOVERY:Pardons May Be Voided For Criminal Prosecutions Flowing From "Cases of Impeachment"

It is encouraging to see that more and more Bloggers and even Air America radio are referring to this as "Treasongate". Keep up the good work getting the message out. The blogosphere is fuelling the truth movement.

by Citizen Spook

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