Tuesday, June 20, 2006


President Bush said on Air Force One, June 13, 2006:

"It's a chapter that has ended. Fitzgerald is a very thorough person. I think he's conducted his investigation in a dignified way. And he's ended his investigation."


See yesterday's report for a detailed examination of Bush's strange and vastly under-reported comments which unequivocally state that Fitzgerald has ended his investigation. These comments have been largely ignored by the blogs.

The trial balloon being floated out regarding a Libby pardon due to the so called "criminalization" of politics is dubious and Libby should take heed now and consider turning State's evidence.

Think about this: If the President himself has just gone on the record to say that Fitz has conducted a dignified, thorough investigation, how can he justify a pardon from such an ethical investigation by a US Attorney actually appointed by Bush?

It's really something Libby ought to think about.

Could you imagine the press conference:

Non-Existent Reporter: Mr. President, didn't you state on Air Force One, back in June 2006, that Fitzgerald had conducted a dignified and thorough investigation?

Bush: Yes, I did.

Non-Existent Reporter: Then why are you now undermining a thorough, dignified investigation conducted by a US Attorney you actually appointed?

Bush: Ummm. (Touches ear piece)....

My personal opinion is that Libby just doesn't belong to the cabal the way Rove, Bush and Cheney do. He appears to be the designated scapegoat. The pardon trial balloon may actually be intended to comfort Libby, keep him confident he won't stay in prison and therefore keep him silent. Libby may be an Aspen, but Rove, Bush and Cheney come from a whole other family of trees.

I don't see how a pre-trial pardon could be on the table considering Bush's comments. Perhaps a last minute pardon, but I doubt it. If Scooter's conviction actually does signal the end of this investigation, Bush won't have any logical reason to pardon him in light of his glowing comments about the Fitz investigation. Something to think about from CS to I. Scooter.

Please don't assume that anything I've written in this report agrees that Fitz has ended his investigation as clearly as Bush, Luskin and Rove would have us believe. As I stated in yesterday's report, I think Fitz may have been railroaded and the Bush and Luskin comments appear to be a gambit that they can keep sealed whatever really happened behind the closed doors of the Grand Jury.


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